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5 Reasons to Outsource Your Social Media

We all remember the days when social media meant reading a friend’s profile and telling everyone what you had for breakfast. Social media has evolved from a purely social platform to a marketing giant. In fact, almost three-quarters of marketers use social media, according to this year’s Chief Marketer Social Marketing Survey, compared with about two-thirds of marketers last year.

Every marketing strategy requires a plan that is personalized to match company needs. Larger organizations can benefit from traditional media; newspaper or magazine ads, radio, TV, etc. Social media is usually a piece of the overall marketing plan for these businesses. Businesses with a smaller marketing budget may rely on social media as their main marketing tool. Wherever social media fits in your marketing plan, it is pertinent to have and understanding of what social media offers, a viable timeline and reasonable expectations.

Often, businesses with a do-it-yourself approach run the risk of overlooking key marketing tactics that can expand reach and strengthen brand recognition. Other things to consider when you plan to do-it-yourself:

Design is key!
Social media is more than creating a page and acquiring friends. The design of a page can pull your message, brand, and plan together. A creative design with your logo and colors is the best way to create brand recognition.

Outsourcing can save you time.
Time is money. Smaller businesses think they can save money by doing social media themselves. Without the know-how, it runs the risk of taking much more time and energy than expected. What started as a small project can turn take away time from other important business activities.

Target Markets- Do you know who you’re trying to reach?
Reaching the right target market takes research and skill. Searching and ‘friending’ the right people, businesses and potential customers takes time and requires a broader knowledge of the market.

Engage customers with your message.
It’s easy to send out a tweet and update a status, but composing a message that will engage customer interaction is the key to success in social media marketing campaigns. Professionals know the terminology that makes a message well received.

Consistency is a must.
Many social media sites fall to the wayside after the initial launch. Why? Maintaining a business requires an allocation of time to many different people and places. With so much focus elsewhere, a social media update can be the last thing on someone’s mind. Outdated social media pages can reflect poorly on a business and hurt credibility.

Lite Data uses their expertise to enhance your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites; creating a broader reach and lead generations. Leave it to the professionals to create and maintain a social media marketing campaign that will ensure visibility and strengthen your brand.