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What LiteData Offers That Other Design Firms Don’t

Lots of folks claim they’ll help you build a great website and some even offer impressive looking portfolios of handsome designs that will make you drool when you see them.  A lot rides on your website, including how it’s supported and how well it was built in the first place.  LiteData stands head and shoulders above its competition in areas like these:

Logo development -  LiteData can help you create a logo that is perfect for you and complements your website, your social media network, and all the other collateral that helps get and keep your business in front of your clients and potential clients.  Let LiteData help you choose a logo that works with your business and you’ll love the results.

Tracking - Good information can be key when it comes to who’s viewing your website, when they’re looking at it, and where they’re coming from.  Unlike other web design companies, we offer you complete reports providing all the information you need to create great ad campaigns online and make your online persona better.

Great content  - Not only should real people think the content on your site is phenomenal, search engines like Google and Yahoo should think so, too!  From the words you use, to the color of the page on which they’re typed and the photographs and images that complement the text, we work with you to ensure that your content is the best it can be and that real people and search engines take notice.

Article submissions -  You need to have great content about your business offsite, too, and article submissions can help increase brand awareness by bringing new clients right to your virtual doorstep.  Article submissions help you get the word about all you do out to those who need to hear it.

Well built sites - Sometimes getting your site seen comes down to the technical stuff.  Make sure that your site is well coded and well maintained by someone who knows how websites work behind the scenes, like LiteData.

Social media support -  LiteData also provides support with social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and we can help with everything from offering tutorials to teach you how to use social media to making those posts and tweets for you.

Others can’t begin to offer the range of services we at LiteData provide.  Make sure your company stands out, and start your online presence off with the best –LiteData.

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LiteData of Charlotte, North Carolina offers complete solutions on the web to make your company’s online presence the best it can be. Choose a company you can trust with driven results.  Choose LiteData.com