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What You Can Learn From Your Kids About Social Media

If you’re the parent of a tween or teen and a business owner, you have a lot to learn from your child.  Not sure?  Yes, it’s true that your teen may not care an iota about business acumen or branding, and you may wonder how the family business would fare if you ever decide to hand over the reigns, but take heart—you kid knows more about the future of business than you think!  Here are a few lessons you’re your teen has already learned that can help you grown your company today:

Social Media has power.  Every teen and tween today knows that saying something controversial or interesting will get his or her post lots of views and likes—if the post is good enough, it may even “go viral,” reaching tens of thousands or more.  Think how you could harness that power to get your message across to the world and your customers!

Social Media connects people.  There’s a very good chance that you teen or tween spends more time chatting online with his or her friends via Facebook or Twitter than they actually spend face to face, and –whether you like it or not—many people, teens included, are connecting with people online that they’ve never actually met in person.  Friends of friends of friends are communicating more than ever across social media.  That translates to great reach for businesses seeking to offer their messages to the masses.

Social Media is inexpensive.  Teens and tweens love all things free.  After all, they are often on a budget.  As a business owner, you can relate.  Social media is cheap, if not entirely free to get started using.  In fact, with the exception of pay per view or pay per click advertising, many social media campaigns are spent without the outlay of even a penny!

Social Media is lucrative. When people are constantly exposed to a brand or idea, it stays with them.  Because the messages of social media are interactive and often repetitive, brands that use social media are reaping the rewards.  Shouldn’t your business be on this bandwagon?

If you want even more information about this new frontier in branding, reach out to a consulting firm like LiteData, of Charlotte, NC to learn more about how social media can help you reach your audience and make an impact.  Remember, your customers and clients of tomorrow are already being reached by social media in a very big way.

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